“Although Grace Without Margins focuses on the subject of special needs, this book is the perfect read for anyone who serves in church ministry. Deana Boggess humbly and honestly addresses the fears and challenges that often accompany launching something new. But at the same time, her passion and heart for families dealing with special needs shines through clearly in this book.

If you serve in ministry and have a heart for special needs, Grace Without Margins will inspire and encourage you. If you have a child with special needs, Grace Without Margins offers encouragement and practical tips for working with your church to better minister to families like yours. If you are a church worker, Grace Without Margins will give you an honest perspective on how families with special needs should be cared for and shed light on the potential for this important ministry in your own church.” ┬áDiane Krause, Editor

“Great read on loving God and loving others! Deana’s transparency will inspire and challenge you to love those different from yourself. She gives practical examples on how to do this within the church walls and outside as well. Appreciate Deana writing a book on loving the marginalized.”

Diane Johnson, Parent

“Clearly God created Deana Boggess with profound purposes in mind, as it is hard to imagine that one person’s life could be so filled with such richness and such depth. The pages of this book show that countless people have been changed forever not only because of the faithful obedience to her calling, but because of the sacrificial love she was determined to pour into others despite any fear, obstacle, or divide. This book is not just about how to do special needs ministry, it is about how to do life as God designed it to be done. Servant hearts like Deana’s are rare and precious. As are the endless ripples of goodness, grace and healing that she has sent out from her humble place at the foot of the cross.” ┬áJana Palcer, Director of Special Needs Ministry

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