Deana previously taught a bridge to kindergarten class for ten years and for seven of those years she was teaching children about children with disabilities.  She took her students on a month long journey learning about a variety of disabilities, simulating disabilities and learning about “powerful people” that have used their challenges in powerful ways.  She also supervised a student-driven fund raiser for “Wheels For the World.”  Contact Deana if you would like for her to speak in your classroom or school.  She will educate the children on a variety of disabilities and even simulate what it would be like to have a disability.

Deana is also available to speak to teachers on perspectives.  Teachers have a “bag of gifts” to give students.  Gifts that will help them gain confidence and empower them to use their gifts, as well as their challenges, to make a difference in the world.

There are not enough words to express what an amazing speaker Deana Boggess is and the dynamic impact she brings to her presentations. Her delivery captivates and before you know it you are on a journey along with her.

At the beginning of each school year I like to have speakers come in that will motivate and equip my teachers, and I knew Deana would be perfect for the job. The topic she chose was titled “More Than A Story”. Her introduction was wonderful and made a huge impact on each person, in many different ways. She used a multitude of methods to express her message through stories, media, a guest panel and Q & A time. She had us laughing one minute and in tears the next. She started out by laying a foundation on which she built and added new layers throughout the day.

At the end of her seminar we had a totally different perspective on the parents and students we will encounter. Everyone is made up of layers of stories and experiences.  She helped us understand and accept the variety of personalities we will meet on our own journeys.

Her authenticity is both inspiring and thought provoking. She left an imprint on our hearts that won’t easily be forgotten.  -Steffani Wilkins, Director of First Foundations Preschool


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