A Grandmother to Remember is a book for a very special group of women–grandmothers. If you are about to embark on the wonderful adventure of grandfathering, consider this book your guide to being intentional about leaving a meaningful imprint on the lives of your grandchildren. If you are already a grandmother, this book offers ideas for creating memories with your grandchildren, sharing your faith, and leaving an imprint that will last for generations.

A Grandmother to Remember is the perfect gift for a grandmother-to-be and would be an ideal selection for a grandmother book club. The Questions for the Grandmother will prompt meaningful discussion, and the Making Memories sections will jumpstart the fun!

A Grandmother to Remember is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Grace Without Margins, Target online store, Wal-Mart online store, Sweet and Southern Finds in Taylor TX, Book People of Austin. It is published by Southern Road Press, 2018. ISBN 978-0-9994208-2-9.

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Welcome to the second edition of Grace Without Margins.  This edition was recently released and now contains study questions for personal reflection as well as group discussion.  It is available on or you may purchase a copy by contacting us on  Buy copies today to sharpen and encourage your ministry team.


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“My hope is that, through sharing my heart with you, you will be moved.  Maybe there is a child that will come through the door of your church this week and you will look at them differently.  Hopefully, you will not look at them with the fears of starting a new ministry, but with a heart of compassion that simply wants to embrace them and all that God has made them to be.  I promise you the journey will be amazing and you will be both changed and blessed!”  -Deana Boggess

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Behind Every Pair of Shoes…

Behind every pair of shoes there is a story.  When I was a little girl, my father and I played a game when we went shopping.  We would run off to the shoe department, and my father would pick out a pair of shoes.  He would ask me what family member the shoes were most like, and I would try to guess the relative they portrayed.  Then it would be my turn to choose the most outrageous shoes we could find.  Every selection seemed to trigger an old family story and we would get lost in reminiscing.  We had a great time and never seemed to tire of playing it.

This little game gave me the idea for the book, Living Shoes.  Since those early years of childhood, I have looked at shoes differently.  There is a history behind every pair!

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