Rule #7:  Be Proud of Your Products

Recently I have taken a little time away from blog posting to work on products.  Steve Jobs was dedicated to his products in such a way that keeps me evaluating and striving for more.  I have always loved how clean and user-friendly his products have been.

Conversation over a cup of coffee seems to be one of my favorite tools for product development.  I love hearing people’s stories, learning about their families, and talking about how we can all provide support to people affected by a disability.

Bill and I have loved putting together online training opportunities focused on areas we receive the most questions.  If you visit you can register for three of our courses:  Elements of Disability Ministry, B.U.D.D.Y. Training, and Autism: Associating Neuroanatomy With Observable Behaviors.  We are offering a discount to help you get started.  When you register for a course, just add the promotional code, Launch06, when you check out.

Visit our Facebook page, and check out the services we offer:  books and resources, on location training, online training, teacher in-service training and primary student presentations.

Watch for our next course, Aging Parents and Loss,

to be released before Christmas!

 Rule #2:  Have Passion

Steve Jobs, your second rule of success was, Have Passion.  Passion, now that is a loaded word with a load of definitions, but the definition I am talking about is, any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling (from

The first person I thought of when it comes to passion is my mother.  I thought of a number of people but I just kept coming back to Georgia Stone.  

  • She went back to college at night from ages 35 -45 to get her bachelors degree…that is passion
  • She went to school from ages 50-55 to further her education and become a pastor…that is passion
  • She stood between a gang of youth holding a gun and a little boy that said they were going to kill him.  She said, If you are planning to kill him, you will have to go through me first…that is passion
  • When her church was set on fire by gang members and the congregation wanted to give up, she told them they had to rebuild and even forgive the gang…that is passion
  • When she learned that women are released from jail at 2:00 in the morning with no money and no place to go, she started Woman At The Well House so they could receive education and vocational training and a place to live so they could start a new life…that is passion

I could give hundreds of other examples of Mom’s passion but maybe this will sum it up:


 Silently he entered,

loudly the prison doors slammed.

He never thought it would happen,

that he would take the life of a fellow man.

His days will soon be numbered,

either many or very few

Somehow he must face this tragedy,

a nightmare he never knew.

His cell was cold and empty

with no escape from the day’s events

His anguish may last forever,

from his few moments of pain and anger.

In the midst of his silence she enters,

with a Bible and a heart of mercy

The compassion in her eyes brings hope,

to a child in the cell and body of a man.

Behind the glass between then,

she sees a mischievous boy whose mischief

grew to sin, whose sin grew to hatred.

Yet behind him is an angel,

just waiting to give him wings.

The woman sees it clearly,

a boy whose sin cannot be erased by man.

For all mankind is damaged,

by the movement of a trigger in hand.

But with faith and determination,

she reaches the souls of the lost.

For she never met a boy to guilty

for the forgiveness of the Lord’s cross.

Deana Boggess

February 27, 1995

I have learned many things from Mom’s passion about people, grace, and forgiveness.  I guess I feel the same way.  At times, however,  I have to work at forgiveness for the people that hurt others, that leave others out just because they have to do something in a different way.  I have to forgive the church when we forget to look at others the way Christ Himself did.  It is my passion for people of all abilities to feel welcomed and valued in the church.  I know I have often failed, but my passion drives me to learn more and strive to be better.  I have a powerful or compelling emotion or feeling for Luke 14:21,23,

21 Go out quickly into the streets and alleys of the town and bring in the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame.’

23 “Then the master told his servant, ‘Go out to the roads and country lanes and compel them to come in, so that my house will be full. 

Lifting The Limits

I have always loved reading autobiographies and biographies.  The more different a person is from me, the more fascinating I find them.  Steve Jobs is one of the people I have always found intriguing.  He was brilliant, successful, and was committed to his dream.  When he gave a speech or presentation he didn’t get in his own way.

Even though Steve Jobs and I have a very different belief system, I know there is much to learn from him.  I have read a couple of books about his life and last night I listened to a powerful commencement speech he gave.  He had his struggles in life, but he was always dreaming and taking risks.

Jobs had 10 Rules For Success and the first one was, Don’t Live A Limited Life.  As a Christian I love this one.  As soon as I truly gave God the reigns to my life, the adventure became much more exciting!  When I get in my own way, it limits my life.  When I told God fourteen years ago that I would do whatever He asked of me, the limits were lifted.

Next Sunday I am going to visit a place where I let God lift the limits.  I am going to go back to the last church my father served and make a video of his story to be used in a training.  I was there only one time and that was just a few weeks before my father passed away.  I was very uncomfortable speaking in front of people but on that day, my dad needed me.  He was too weak to give his sermon and asked me to stand and share with the congregation about the ministry Bill and I were involved in.

That Sunday was pivotal in giving up a limited life.

Since then God has taken me on an exciting adventure and I have loved it.  Grace Without Margins is part of that adventure.  It has been a walk of faith to launch and develop the ministry, but I am trying to not put limits on it and trust God with its direction and purpose.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us… Ephesians 3:20

Additional posts :

Exciting Changes!

You may have noticed a few changes with Grace Without Margins!  
We are excited about our new logo!
I thought I would give you a little explanation on why we chose the logo we did.  We chose the color blue because it communicates strength, peace, and serenity.  We chose to have the watercolor extending beyond the borders in hopes of diminishing the borders we often have in our churches.  If there are no borders, hopefully there are no margins!  And lastly, we wanted to include the butterfly.  I have used the butterfly to communicate with my students over the years.  During my years of teaching I read the book, The Butterfly Effect by Andy Andrews to my students.  I want them to understand the difference their efforts can make around the world when they welcome people that happen to have a disability into their lives and hearts.
We have also made a number of changes to our website.  We want to provide more help and encouragement to those that are serving in disability ministry or simply want to support a loved one.  Our website is:
Bill and I are simple people just trying to do what God has called us to and we are enjoying the journey tremendously!  We have been training churches on location for about six years now but we feel called to make training available online as well.  We are excited to be partnering with ministries in other countries and hope that partnership continues to grow.  The link to view and register for courses is provided below:
We currently have the following courses available:
  • Grace Without Margins:  Elements of Disability Ministry
  • B.U.D.D.Y. Training
  • Autism: Associating Neuroanatomy With Observable Behaviors
We are working on the following courses to be available in the fall:
  • Behavior Management and Classroom Management
  • Insights On Aging Parents and Loss
We greatly appreciate the number of people that have been so encouraging to us in ministry and have invested in our growth and understanding.  And most of all, we are grateful to the children and adults that have changed our perspectives on ourselves and others over the years.