Aging Parents and Loss

Aging Parents and Loss
Issues & Decisions Rarely Talked About

Presented by Bill & Deana Boggess,
Managing Directors,
Grace Without Margins, LLC

Bill and Deana have served in disability ministry for over 20 years. For the last six years they have provided training to churches and schools on a variety of disability issues.

After walking through aging and loss with their parents, they felt the acquired disabilities of aging is a topic too often neglected. Join them for video and oral presentations, as well as group discussions and hand-outs on how to support your parents through the aging process and eventually prepare for your aging.

Training topics include:
Acquired Disabilities of Aging
Keeping the Elderly in Community
Home Care vs. Facility Placement
Role Reversal
Stages of Dementia
Sudden Loss/Stages of Grief
The Long Goodbye
Final Preparations
Wills/Trusts/Medical Advanced Directives
Last Wishes
Personal Applications

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