Rule #7: Be Proud Of Your Products

Recently I have taken a little time away from blog posting to work on products.  Steve Jobs was dedicated to his products in such a way that keeps me evaluating and striving for more.  I have always loved how clean and user-friendly his products have been.

Conversation over a cup of coffee seems to be one of my favorite tools for product development.  I love hearing people’s stories, learning about their families, and talking about how we can all provide support to people affected by a disability.

Bill and I have loved putting together online training opportunities focused on areas we receive the most questions.  If you visit you can register for three of our courses:  Elements of Disability Ministry, B.U.D.D.Y. Training, and Autism: Associating Neuroanatomy With Observable Behaviors.  We are offering a discount to help you get started.  When you register for a course, just add the promotional code, Launch06, when you check out.

Visit our Facebook page, and check out the services we offer:  books and resources, on location training, online training, teacher in-service training and primary student presentations.

Watch for our next course, Aging Parents and Loss, to be released before Christmas!

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