Supporting Young Artists

I love to support the arts and I especially like to support talented young artists!  One of my favorite artists is Kimberly Dixon.  I have known her for 15+ years and I am so excited to see her incredible talent become available for all to see. At you can pick up her book, Under the Silence is Me – How It feels To Be Nonverbal, and you can purchase some of her beautiful artwork.  I proudly have one of her prints hanging in my home!
This weekend I met another talented young artist, Grant Manier.  You can view and purchase his beautiful artwork at  He is already receiving awards for his artwork and   I am confident he will be famous someday.  His artwork is eco-friendly and you won’t even believe the medium he has used.  What an honor it was to meet you, Grant!
Both of these artists have been affected by disabilities.  They are also blessed with great abilities.  I highly encourage you to visit their websites and stores.  If you know of other talented artists affected by disabilities, I would love for you to share them with me.  
Have fun shopping!

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