10 Things To Think About

1.  How do you describe people?  Do you start with their weight?  Their disability?  How about starting off with the characteristics that draw you to them.
2.  If you suddenly had a disability, what would you want people to know?  How would you want people to treat you?
3.  What disability is the hardest for you to understand? Would meeting a person with this disability make you uncomfortable?  Spend some time learning about it on the internet.  Then when you meet someone with that disability, you will be much more understanding.
4.  Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes and then write about the experience.  
5.  The next time you are parking somewhere, think about how close you really need to be.  Leave close parking spaces open for those that really need it.
6.  When you see someone with a child that has a disability, say hello to the child and tell the parent how beautiful they are.  All parents love to hear compliments about their children.
7.  At your next family gathering, make sure everyone feels included.  If older family members start to withdraw they may have a hard time hearing.  Help make the situation easier on them and even encourage them to get their hearing checked if needed.
8.  Visit a loved one that may feel shut-in or isolated.  Take them some flowers or take them on a walk.
9.  If you know someone with a disability, take one of their siblings out for a coke or ice cream and have some special one-on-one time!
10.  If you know a caregiver, send them a card thanking them for all they do or offer to help and give them some time to themselves.

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