Living Shoes

This week I have been reading my book, Living Shoes, to my students.  I always love talking about shoes and the stories behind them.
On Monday the kids brought in the shoes of someone that works hard.  Most of them brought in their daddy’s shoes and told me how hard their dad works to take care of them.  Yesterday they brought in shoes of someone they see as brave or courageous.  They shared some great stories and some of them even brought in their own shoes and shared a story about when they have been brave.
Today the children brought in the shoes of someone that makes them feel happy and loved.  One little girl proudly shared her mother’s wedding shoes with us.  I was impressed by how many kids brought in the shoes of one of their siblings.  They were very sentimental as they shared how their siblings make them happy. 
I brought in a little wooden shoe I carved in one of my Occupational Therapy classes over 30 years ago.  I also brought in a large wooden shoe that is over 50 years old.  I shared with them that I would walk around the house wearing the shoe when I was a little girl.  Later my daughters walked around in that same shoe and now my grandchildren do.
Tomorrow we will talk about children that do not have shoes to wear and the children will bring some in to donate.  I love to buy Toms because for every pair I purchase they donate a pair of shoes to someone that needs them.
I encourage you to take your child to the shoe department the next time you are at the mall.  Pick out a pair of shoes and see who they remind them of.  It can bring back a lot of fun memories!
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