Grace Without Margins

Welcome to Grace Without Margins!

The purpose of our ministry is to support and serve the family affected by special needs and to inspire and encourage the local church to welcome, assimilate, and nurture those affected by special needs into their church family. Our hope is to offer training, support and encouragement so a church no longer fears starting a new ministry but has a heart of compassion that simply wants to embrace people of all abilities. In addition, we offer a course, Aging Parents and Loss, to help navigate the issues and blessings of aging parents.

Feel free to visit our blog at Deana shares blog posts on a variety of subjects related to disability, inclusion and the aging. More information is also available on Facebook Pages: Grace Without Margins, A Grandmother to Remember, and author page, Deana C. Boggess.

Books authored by Deana are available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. They will soon be available for purchase on this website to make it more convenient. Deana has authored Living Shoes, Grace Without Margins, and A Grandmother to Remember.

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